What can I expect when I order a bare root?

In the fall you will receive one division from a 2 year old plant and each division has 3-5 eyes. Each eye will produce one stem and double each year. 

What should I do when my box arrives?

Upon receiving your shipment, please open the box and inspect your peonies. Within 2 days of receiving your order, please report any discrepancies or damage to your roots. Each box also contains detailed planting instructions.


Where are your peonies grown?

We are located in the Willamette Valley near Salem, Oregon. Your order will be filled with peonies grown in our fields.

I did not get any blooms this year on my plants, what can I do?

Some of the most common issues for no blooms are that the peonies are planted too deeply, they are not getting enough sunlight, over-fertilization or fertilization with a general all-purpose fertilizer or the plants are too crowded. There should typically be about 3 feet of space between Peony plants.

Do peonies only bloom once a year?

Unfortunately, they only bloom once a year, but if you select peonies from each season, early, mid-season and late, you’ll  have blooms throughout the season.

Why is there such a wide range of prices on your peonies?

A brand-new introduction is going to be more expensive, because the process to introduce a new Peony is slow. Rare and hard to find peonies will command a higher price point. As certain peony varieties become more readily available, you will see the prices decrease over time.

How will my peonies be shipped?

We begin shipping September 15th, shipping to colder climates first. Each root is tagged with the variety name, color, height, and season. The roots will be carefully packed in slightly moist peat moss and shipped via USPS or UPS.

Should I dig and divide my plants?

Peonies are not like other perennials that need to be dug and divided each year. They can be in the ground long-term, but if you would like to increase your collection or share your plant, you may do that, we recommend digging and dividing in the fall when the foliage has died back.

Do peonies need ants to open?

Ants are attracted to the sugary substance that peonies secrete when they are in tight bud form. They are not necessary for the peony to open, but if the ants are a nuisance, you can either apply an ant block product like Amdro or Terro to the base of your peony or give them a good shake before you bring them into the house.

I'm new to gardening, how hard are peonies to grow?

Peonies are easy to grow and require little care. They like to be fertilized once in the spring and again in the fall, ensuring they are getting plenty of water especially in the summer heat and cutting down herbaceous and intersectional peonies and removing foliage in the fall. Other than that, peonies can live a very long time, some are known to be over 100 years old.

Do deer eat peonies?

Deer do not usually eat Peonies. They may try them, but typically don’t like them and will not usually come just for the peonies. Please keep in mind, the deer in your area may have different taste, this is not a guarantee.

Where can I grow peonies?

Herbaceous and Intersectional Peonies are suitable for USDA zones 2-8 and Trees USDA zones 4-8.

They will need a dormancy period each winter to bloom and thrive. Peonies are not usually grown successfully south of Birmingham, Alabama or Monterey, California unless they are at a higher elevation that would provide the cold they need in the winter to develop. It’s best to determine what zone you are planting in before ordering by USDA Growing Zone lookup or local Master Gardeners / Extension Centers.