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Peonies are Our Specialty

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Over 200 different varieties to choose from.

Pink Herbaceous Peonies


One of the most commonly known species of peony you might remember from your childhood. These are very hardy plants that can live up to 100 years. They die back in the fall and reemerge each Spring.

Light yellow intersectional peonies

Intersectional / Itoh

A cross between herbaceous and tree peonies don’t require any support and produce a nice rounded bush with green leaves. They die back in the fall, and reemerge each Spring.

Dark red tree peonies

Woody / Tree

A multi-stemmed woody shrub. They lose their leaves in the fall but the woody stems stay intact and leaves reemerge again in the Spring. Woody peonies typically are the first to bloom.

Our Passion for Peonies

Why we are here

Our passion for peonies began when Carol Adelman was a young girl and admired her neighbor’s peonies from across the street. Throughout the years that passion and love for peonies continued to grow and eventually was able to start planting a few of her own, sacrificing her vegetable garden for the space.

What started out as a hobby soon became a commitment to grow the highest quality true to name peony roots. We are proud to be known around the world for having the quality of our peonies and commitment to perfection.

Come Visit Us!

Open to the public, April 29th – June 15th

Every Spring we open our fields and gardens for fellow Peony Enthusiast to visit. With 30 acres of peony fields and a 2 acre display garden there is something for everyone, with many photo opportunities at every turn. We have fresh cut stems and a selection of potted peonies for purchase or we can help you place an order for bare root peonies we will ship in the fall.

Our peak bloom time typically falls closer to Memorial Day but throughout the 6 weeks there is an ever changing landscape of blooming peonies.

Woman holding bouquet of pink and light pink peonies

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lorena S
lorena S
January 29, 2022.
My perfect day any day would be at the Adelman peony gardens. Unfortunately I only get to go one month out of the year, It’s the main reason why I always look forward to May and June. We visit at least 3 times every year and it’s always a joy to be there, it’s free and you have acres of beautiful fields to feel like you are in flower haven. I bring home beautiful flowers that last many days as long as I care for them well(use ice in your water, they don’t like the heat) you can bring pets in a leash and even a picnic to enjoy in their gardens. Thank you for opening your doors to the public even during the pandemic, it was a blessing to have the opportunity to be outside with just my family.
valarie cardiff
valarie cardiff
December 1, 2021.
This is the root stock I received from Adelman's Peony Gardens. It is a strong, beautiful, and healthy root stock. It will look like the picture on the right when it blooms. There are 3 strong eyes on this root stock.
Lasma Nicholls
Lasma Nicholls
November 19, 2021.
Very Big peony roots! Excellent quality, bloom in first year.
Mrs Monterrosa
Mrs Monterrosa
October 15, 2021.
This was such a beautiful experience. All the different varieties of peonies were candy to the eyes!
jane berkowitz
jane berkowitz
July 15, 2021.
I purchased three Rozella peonies last Fall and they arrived healthy and substantial. This spring each plant developed 2-3 gorgeous blooms - in their first season!! OUTSTANDING quality. Can’t wait to see what next year brings! Thank you Adelman Peonies!
Jessica Loper
Jessica Loper
June 19, 2021.
Beautiful well grown peonies. The display garden was enchanting and staff was friendly and helpful. The cut flowers were reasonably priced and the potted ones seemed to be as well. We will visit again.
Vitaly Gerasimov
Vitaly Gerasimov
June 13, 2021.
Beautiful place