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Welcome to Adelman Peony Gardens!

We are now accepting orders for Fall shipping!

Welcome to Peony Paradise!

We are one of America's leading peony growers.

We currently grow over 25 acres of peonies, featuring nearly 500 varieties with profound color variations.
Let us help you make both memories and excitement in your garden with peonies!

Peony roots are shipped between September 15th and October 15th, 2017.

Featured Products:

Margaret's Delight
Price: $28.00
Margaret's Delight
(McCrae-Adelman, 2013)
White, double, late, 34" tall, lactiflora. A multitude of layered petals make a bloom with much frilly depth.
Mother Earth
Price: $85.00
Mother Earth
(Entsminger) NEW! TREE PEONY Orange with yellow and red, single, early season, 30” tall, trollioides x lutea tree peony.
Singing in the Rain
Price: $40.00
Singing in the Rain
(D. Smith, 2002) ITOH
Apricot, semi-double, midseason, lightly fragrant, Itoh. Bloom appears light orange upon opening, fading to yellow.
Vivid Rose
Vivid Rose
Price: $22.00
Vivid Rose
(Klehm, 1952)
Bright rose-pink, double, very fragrant, late-midseason, 34" tall, lactiflora. Vivid deep pink double with the outside of petals slightly lighter in color.
White Innocence
Price: $30.00
White Innocence
(Saunders, 1947)
White, single, late midseason, 48" tall, hybrid. Very unusual single flowers with a center similar to an empress magnolia. Many small flowers on tall stems. Very unique.

Peony roots are shipped between September 15th and October 15th.

Bush peonies are suitable for USDA ZONES 2-8. Tree peonies are suitable for USDA ZONES 4-8.

They need a cold winter dormant period in order to bloom and thrive.

Our Peony Nursery, fields and display gardens are open to the public April 29th - June 11th from 9 am to 6 pm daily.

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