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This award is granted to peonies that have outstanding landscape and growth characteristics. It was designed to provide information on particular peony varieties that would be desirable for landscapers to use in their garden designs. Included in characteristics are the ability to stand up in inclement weather and to be disease resistant. The first round of nominations were made by APS members in 2008 and the awards presented by the respected and knowledgeable committee members. Additional varieties were deferred for future consideration. See the March 2008 American Peony Society Bulletin for specific characteristics desired for nomination.

America (Rudolph, 1976)
Angel Cheeks (Klehm, before 1975)
Bartzella (Anderson, 1986)
Buckeye Belle (Mains, 1956)
Burma Ruby (Glasscock, 1951)
Canary Brilliants (Anderson, 1999)
Charm (Franklin, 1931)
Comanche (Bigger, 1965)
Coral ’n Gold (Cousins/Klehm, 1981)
Coral Sunset (Wissing, 1965)
Cytherea (Saunders, 1953)
Do Tell (Auten, 1946)
Early Scout (Auten, 1952)
Eliza Lundy (Krekler, 1975)
Ellen Cowley (Saunders, 1940)
Etched Salmon (Cousins/Klehm R.G., 1981)
Friendship (Glasscock/Falk, 1955)
Garden Lace (Hollingsworth, 1992)
Garden Treasure (Hollingsworth, 1986)
Gay Paree (Auten, 1933)
Hillary (Anderson, 1999)
Krinkled White (Brand, 1928)
Little Red Gem (D. Reath, 1988)
Lovely Rose (Saunders, 1942)
Mackinac Grand (Reath, 1992)
Mahogany (Glasscock, 1937)
Many Happy Returns (Hollingsworth, 1986)
Merry Mayshine (Saunders/Hollingsworth/Smetana, 1994)
Minnie Shaylor (Shaylor, 1919)
Nice Gal (Krekler, 1965)
Old Faithful (Glasscock/Falk, 1964)
Pink Hawaiian Coral (Klehm, 1981)
Prairie Charm (Hollingsworth, 1992)
Roselette (Saunders, 1950)
Rozella (Reath, 1990)
Salmon Dream (Reath, 1979)
Scarlett O’Hara (Glasscock/Falk, 1956)
Sword Dance (Auten, 1933)
Topeka Garnet (Bigger, 1975)
White Cap (Winchell, 1956)


YearGold Medal Award Winner
1923Mrs. A. M. Brand (Brand, 1925)
1933A. B. Franklin (Franklin, 1928)
1933Mrs J.V. Edlund (Edlund, 1929)
1934Harry F. Little (Nicholls, 1933)
1941Nick Shaylor (Allison, 1931)
1943Elsa Sass (Sass, 1930)
1946Golden Glow (Glasscock, 1935)
1946Hansina Brand (Brand, 1925)
1948Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt (Franklin, 1932)
1949Doris Cooper (Cooper, 1946)
1956Miss America (Mann-van Steen, 1936)
1956Red Charm (Glasscock, 1944)
1957Kansas (Bigger, 1940)
1959Moonstone (Murawska, 1943)
1971Miss America( Mann-van Steen, 1936)
1972Nick Shaylor (Allison, 1931)
1973Age of Gold T.P. (Saunders)
1974Walter Mains (Mains, 1957)
1975Bu-Te (Wassengerg, 1954)
1980Cytherea (Saunders, 1953)
1981Bowl of Cream (C.G. Klehm, 1963)
1982Westerner (Bigger, 1942)
1983Chinese Dragon (Saunders, 1948)
1984Dolorodell (Lins, 1942)
1985Burma Ruby (Glasscock, 1851)
1986Coral Charm (Wissing, 1964)
1987Norma Volz (Volz, 1962)
1988Paula Fay (Fay, 1968)
1989High Noon (Saunders, 1952 TP)
1990Sea Shell (Sass, 1937)
1991White Cap (Winchell, 1966)
1992America (Rudolph, 1976)
1993Mother’s Choice (Glasscock, 1950)
1994Shintenchi (Japan - Honorary)
1994Pillow Talk (Carl Klehm, 1968)
1995Sparkling Star (Bigger, 1953)
1996Garden Treasure (Hollingsworth, 1984)
1997Old Faithful (Glasscock/Falk, 1964)
1998Myra Macrae (R. W. Tischler, 1967)
1999Ludovica (Saunders, 1941)
2000Pink Hawaiian Coral (Klehm, 1972)
2001Early Scout (Auten, 1952)
2002Etched Salmon (Cousins/Klehm, 1981)
2003Coral Sunset (Wissing, 1981)
2004Do Tell (Auten, 1946)
2005Angel Cheeks (Klehm, C.G., 1970)
2006Bartzella (Anderson, 1986)
2007Many Happy Returns (Hollingsworth, 1986)
2008Salmon Dream (David Reath, 1979)
2009Hephestos (Daphnis, 1977)
2010Buckeye Belle (Mains, 1956)
2011Amalia Olson (Olson, 1959)
2012Topeka Garnet (Bigger, 1975)
2013The Mackinac Grand (Reath, 1992)
2014Leda (Daphnis, 1977)
2015Mahogany (Glasscock, 1937)
2016Eliza Lundy (Krekler, 1976)
2017Lois' Choice (Laning, 1993)
2018Pietertje Vriend Wagenaar (Friend, 1996)
2019Angel Emily (Seidl/Bremer, 2013)
2020Hillary (Anderson, 1999)